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Coinbase Earn is a new program offered by Coinbase to their users. They have a variety of coins to choose from with the potential of earning up to $186 in cryptocurrency. Most of their courses are simple; watch a short video, answer a question and get rewarded instantly. Not a bad way to add to your portfolio.Instructions:1. Make sure you are signed into your Coinbase account in a separate tab.2. If you do not yet have a Coinbase account, click here to sign up.3. Click the “Claim Now” button on this page.4. You will be redirected to Coinbase, accept the invite. (Depending on supply, you may be put on a waitlist. If you are, you will receive an email from Coinbase when it’s your turn.)5. Watch Lesson 1, answer the question, receive $4 worth of OXT.6. Watch Lesson 2, answer the question, receive $4 worth of OXT.7. Watch Lesson 3, answer the question, receive $4 worth of OXT.8. Now share your invite link with 4 friends and get an additional $10 for each friend that joins.11. Congratulations! You just earned $52 worth of Orchid OXT.
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